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“We’re on a mission to simplify online payments for ActiveCampaign users! ” – Dan, Founder Activerelay

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Activerelay's native integration creates a seamless customer experience enabling you to automatically trigger or stop automations and processes

Get to know your customers

With Activerelay and ActiveCampaign you have all the necessary information at your fingertips to personalise your customer experience. You’ll not only have the basic name, number and email address information, you’ll also be able to track purchase history, preferences, interests and more. This means you can send relevant information and offers, improving client experience and your bottom line.

Look incredible online

Activerelay is customisable to your branding simply by uploading your logo and choosing your colours. No more frustrating coding or expensive development needed, your forms have been designed to impress. Seriously, no design skills are required. Using Activerelay your clients will experience a seamless online experience, increasing brand trust and respect and ultimately conversions!

Set up to sell in just minutes

As Active Campaign doesn’t have a native payment gateway previously users have had to settle for generic payment gateways or spend thousands on custom development. Ain’t nobody got time for that! With Activerelay we integrate deeply with Active Campaign to provide the greatest level of data sharing and it only takes you 3 minutes to set up. And it looks so good you could sell with the payment pages alone, OR link to your website as a simple payment button.

Key Features Enabling You To Sell Online Smarter, Better, Faster

Headache Free Setup

Connect your API keys to the Activerelay platform and you’re ready to streamline your payment process. If you want to get a little bit more technical you can integrate any page tracking codes or custom CSS styling to take your tracking and styling to the next level.

Custom Brand the Experience

Customise your checkout page theme and style to match your business branding, including your logo and colours. Your clients will love the brand aligned end to end experience, increasing trust and ultimately improving conversion rates.

Live Data

We love being able to visually see progress so we have created full analytics accessible from your Activerelay dashboard. You’ll see year to date sales, recurring revenue, refunds and per day purchases and how all of this is relayed into your ActiveCampaign account.

Personalize the Follow up

Because Activerelay sends all the information through to Active Campaign you can set all your triggers within Activerelay! This means you have a clear view of your customer and their behaviours allowing you to update, cancel or refund all from the one spot.

Reliable & Secure

Although transacting online is becoming common place it’s still nice to know your safety and that of your clients is our utmost concern. We use the latest technology in payment security and fraud protection developed by Stripe.

Coupon & Abandon Cart Management

Trigger an automated campaign reminding customers who abandon a cart (roughly 70% of them!) to complete their purchase. You can also provide them with a coupon as an incentive, all from within the Activerelay dashboard!

Integrate & sell on the important platforms

Enable your customers checkout on any digital platform in seconds. Activerelay unlocks new e-commerce opportunities by converting social media platforms directly into sales by giving you a simple and fast checkout sequence!  Connect with other tools in your technology stack and automate the manual processes you may have between them.

❤ for Activerelay!

I have to confess that when I discovered ActiveRelay I was very excited. I’ve been looking for a proper solution for ages & had resigned myself to hacking WooCommerce. Took great delight in deactivating that & half a dozen other plugins.

Phill, Founder – Real Smart Marketer

If your order processing is important to you and you want deep integration to ActiveCampaign then ActiveRelay is the best tool you could choose.

Carl Taylor, CEO – Automation Agency [ActiveCampaign Certified Partner]

I find the platform is straightforward & easy to navigate, allowing me as the user to enhanced my use of ActiveCampaign and having the two platforms linked together enables me to run my business, orders and sales in an extremely professional & efficient manner.

Ruth, Founder – TrekFit Australia

Very happy to use something that integrates so seamlessly with ActiveCampaign!

Mary, Art Teacher – Course Creator

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