The nuts and bolts of Activerelay

Accept ALL the payment information

Activerelay is like your best friend in automating your business.

If you are currently selling through paypal or another gateway without Activerelay every time someone buys something off you the money goes to the bank but the rest of the information is ‘lost’.

This means you have no way of tracking who is doing what in your CRM system. You can’t fire off any follow up emails or support or even upsells.

Even worse, if you are selling a membership platform you’ll have to go in and manually and grant access, assign permissions etc.

With Activerelay all this is now automated. When a client purchases all that data is sent BOTH to the bank and your CRM system meaning you can automatically trigger automations, follow ups and even up sells.

So basically you cut out all the manual (read annoying) work and can kick back with your preferred beverage in your preferred location while Activerelay sorts out your business for you!

Charge the credit card

Stripe is the best merchant gateway platform for running an internet business. They handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world and have a very cool office (Dan thinks so).

We’ve chosen to connect with them because of their simplistic approach to transacting online. Basically what they do is process credit cards, kind of like an eftpos machine.

Through Activerelay you can set up payment plans to automatically debit credit cards specific amounts on specific days. Stripe will store the credit card data and process according to these payment plans, meaning you don’t have to remember to charge people.

Every couple of days Stripe transfers all your purchase dollars into your designated bank account, which is a lovely time of the day!
As a company they are innovative and legitimately care about digital business and it shows in what they do.

Their sign up process is simple as and approval is instant, which aligns with our principles of keeping things simple, effective and fast!

Automatically trigger your sales followup & processes

Active Campaign is in our opinion the most tricked out and easy to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and automated email tool out there.

It allows you to create which ever customer experience you want for your clients in a manner which is less likely to leave you a crumpled mess on the floor.

This means you can automate email campaigns to follow up on purchases and track your client behaviour. If they engage you can upsell them onto other products/ services, if they don’t you can downsell them or even politely excuse yourself from their inbox. With the level of tracking and customisation available you can get super techy or keep it super simple.

Your business, your call after all. Just like why we love Stripe AC is simple, effective and fast. We’ve used a LOT of platforms, from MailChimp to Infusionsoft and we couldn’t recommend AC highly enough.

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❤ for Activerelay!

I have to confess that when I discovered ActiveRelay I was very excited. I’ve been looking for a proper solution for ages & had resigned myself to hacking WooCommerce. Took great delight in deactivating that & half a dozen other plugins.

Phill, Founder – Real Smart Marketer

If your order processing is important to you and you want deep integration to ActiveCampaign then ActiveRelay is the best tool you could choose.

Carl Taylor, CEO – Automation Agency [ActiveCampaign Certified Partner]

I find the platform is straightforward & easy to navigate, allowing me as the user to enhanced my use of ActiveCampaign and having the two platforms linked together enables me to run my business, orders and sales in an extremely professional & efficient manner.

Ruth, Founder – TrekFit Australia

Very happy to use something that integrates so seamlessly with ActiveCampaign!

Mary, Art Teacher – Course Creator